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Save Tree Save Life Essay for Kids



Save Tree Save Life Essay for Kids

As we all know, if there is continuous harvesting of trees on the earth, it will also happen at one time when no tree will be pronounced on the earth and the wind will end automatically due to the absence of trees, It is also difficult to imagine the life of an organism,

Therefore, all of us should be aware of our soil and this environment and we should always be ready to protect life, water, and nature-related items.
So, friends, we all tell you a story on World Environment Day, so that people can be aware of their own.

World Environment Day: Plant a tree save the tree save a life story

A boy named Ramu of the village lived with his parents, his parents were very hard working farmers, and he used to work in his fields throughout the day, after having worked hard after them, he could have got the food, due to which the poor family Was living,
But unlike his parents, he was very mischievous and mischievous, he neither studied in the school nor used to help his parents in any work, he just parroted the people with mischief Because of which everybody was troubled by Ram and how many times the people complained to her parents, Ramu never improved,
When Ramu often came from the school, he rescued the cow’s cow from the pit and let him run away,

Whenever he came, he used to harm the plants and destroy them, meaning that he used to do some mischief all the time, all the time, he explained Ramu to the villagers that we would be cool with these trees, Water and chaos are found, many birds have their own houses, if you break the trees, then we will get the wind, the water will be said again, then it will be difficult to live life, but if Ram is to say all these things then Do not understand,

He was very happy in his devils, while slowly the village’s population was slowly following, people were cutting their garden gardens and gradually making the fields, everywhere people were thinking about all their advantages. No one is becoming aware of the environment, due to which the rain started to subside, but the people still did not understand, only people were expanding their fields,

In the same way, the time was passing that one year was very dry, the trees on four sides were enjoying the lack of water, the water of Nadia, Talab and Kuo was completely satisfied, all of them were now agitated with hunger and thirst. All the creatures of the living beings started leaving the area of the village due to lack of water, and now the people had to struggle to leave their villages in compulsion, but Ramu and his parents did not understand that now said Go,

Then one day there was a Mahatma going through the village, he was thirsty very strongly, but nobody had water till he was quenching the Mahatma’s thirst, now Mahatma ji became very worried that the people here The land has been deserted, there are bus farms in the field, the number of trees is not equal,
Gradually people got all the goodies and all of them asked Mahatmaji how to deal with drought, Mahatma asked who cones most trees, who chooses the trees and who carries the most care of the trees , Then no one gave any answer, then Mahatma ji Ramu ko forwarded to him and asked Ramu, you see very good boys, do you plant trees and take care of them Received, these were all things heard flying senses of Ramu, now that he thought would be not only grow anytime soon broke Always trees any tree, Ramu was not able to speak,

So Mahatma ji spoke to him with a ninety-pointed tree, Ramu is a small tiny tree, as if you are too small even if you and this tree are not given anything to eat now, will you ever grow If this tree does not get any fertilizer, water and sun, will this tree grow, then all the answer was in no,
So Mahatma Ji explained that in the same way if the trees would continue to bite, then what would the earth be happy then everyone replied in no time, now all understood that the trees are so useful for our life and this land,

So Mahatma ji said, ‘Promise all people, people will plant trees from today, and if you keep this earth green, then everyone did it and after this there is no dry water in the river so far before Mahatma ji Bole village, so you people They brought water from there and planted trees, all did the same, and after a few days of hard work all the trees started to grow and this barren land had started to become green again, after a few days, there was a lot of good rains and all Trees were growing well and picked greenery all around,

So how did the people planted the trees with the suggestion of Mahatma ji and people did not give up in the untimely circumstances and made the earth green again, so friends should also plant every one of us and there is always a situation like dry on this earth Do not be such an effort, and we never have to leave this lovely village home .

                               “Save tree Save Life and be Happy”

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