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How to Donate Blood?



How to Donate Blood?

Blood donation is a small Sacrifice, but it brings a significant change. Your blood donation can save somebody’s life. Its process is straightforward, and for this, you only need to do some preparation. How do we make blood donation here? Why donate blood? What are the benefits of blood donation, i.e., giving full details of blood donation? Let us know how Blood Donation To – How To Donate Blood.

Due to not getting blood in time in our country, 15 lakh patients each year give birth to their lives, and they have a lot of children who need blood frequently due to thalassemia blood disease.

Apart from this, accident victims, malnutrition, malaria and pregnant women also need blood. Many people’s life can be saved if we donate blood.

A reasonable and healthy person has 5-6 litres of blood in the body; it can donate 1 unit blood every three months; there are about 400 ml of blood in one unit.

If every healthy person in our country of India donates blood, then nobody will ever die because of the lack of blood.

So today I urge you to donate on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 14 June 2019.

What to do before donating blood?

Before donating blood, you have to take care of some essential things, so that after donating blood, you do not have to face any problem.

  • Eat food: You can not keep the hungry stomach alive. So before eating blood, eat well or eat fruit.
  • Drink plenty of water: You must drink at least 500 millilitres of water before blood donation. If water is found in the juice, then it is even better.
  •  Wear appropriately: wear regular clothes while going to donate blood. After donating blood, you may find it cold because it lowers body temperature.
  • Take with your ID: Take your ID with you before donating blood because your ID will be checked in the blood bank.

Due to the supply of water in the body, you will not be able to rotate blood. You will not realize that you have donated blood.

 How to Donate Blood Donate

Blood donation is straightforward. If you are donating blood for the first time, then you will be a little hesitant. But after blood donation, you will feel that it was straightforward.

Here I give you the complete process of blood donation by step by step.

  • First of all, you need to fill in a forum to give your essential medical information. In which you will be asked for medical history related to you.
  • After that, a little physical examination will be done, in which your high, weight, sex and age will be recorded.
  • After that, your fingertip will test your blood droplets, to know whether you can donate blood and which of your group is there.
  • After that, you will be given a blood donation chair, after which hand you want to give blood will be prepared for blood donation.
  • Now you relax and come in a comfortable position. Do not panic; there will be a little pain when you switch off in your hand, after that you will feel comfortable.
  • Now the blood donation process will be completed in 2-5 minutes. After that, the injection needle will be removed from your hand; this needle is slightly thicker than a standard needle.
  • HD Porn Now relaxes a little longer, do not get up. Rest up to 5-10; then you can wake up.

All that is to do and you have made a blood donation. See how easy it is, you must do it. On donating blood, you get a donor card, which will get your blood in free when you need it.

Who can donate blood?

Before donating blood, you have to know whether you are a qualified blood donor or not? You must be at least 17 years old to donate blood.

  • Any healthy person whose age is 18-68 years old
  • Whose weight is 55 kilograms or more?
  • Whose blood contains hemoglobin more than 12%.
  •  Do not take any antibiotic while donating blood.
  • There has been no significant operation for the past three years.
  • Which does not have any severe illness?
  • Who has not donated blood for the last three months?
  • A blood donor can donate blood four times in one year, i.e. in 3 months interval.

Who cannot donate blood?

Not everybody can donate blood donate Only healthy people mentioned above can donate blood. What people can not do is as follows.

  • The person who consumes alcohol.
  • The person who makes some intoxication
  • Who suffers from a severe illness
  • The women who are in the period.
  • The woman who is breastfeeding her child
  • Whose weight are less than 47 kilograms?
  • Or who have donated blood within the last three months?

Benefits of donating blood

What are the benefits of donating blood? A blood donor must know about it. By donating blood, the body has the following benefits:

  • Blood becomes purify. You only have to give 300 ml blood, which is done in 24-48 hours, and the blood gets cleaned.
  • With this, the blood cells of the body begin to reproduce; the speed of blood clots increases in the body.
  • Blood donate decreases heart disease by 7%.
  • Bone-marrow is always active by donating blood.
  • A blood donor is given a donor card, which offers free blood if needed.
  • If your blood group is O, then you can donate blood to anyone.
  • Life of 3 people can be saved from 1 unit blood. That is, once removed (300-400 ml) blood can be given to 2-3 people.

Loss of Blood Donate

Blood donation does not cause any significant damage to your body. Blood donation is a donation, donating blood to your organization instead of getting damaged.

If you eat well after donating blood, then your health will be better than before. Because after blood donation, your body gets accelerated with the speed of blood sugar.

By which your body becomes pure, it gives your body the benefit, and it helps you stay even more healthy.

How To Recover After Blood Donate

Generally, after donating blood, your body automatically cleanses the blood from 300-400 ml of blood in 24 to 48 hours.

You do not have to do anything special to fulfill it, if you donate a little more water after giving it, if possible, take 2-3 glasses of juice.

Yes, if you eat fruit like seasonal juice, sugarcane juice, pomegranate juice and save, then you will get more benefits.

  • After donating blood, you can do daily work like before.
  • But if you get dizzy after blood donation, then you will need to rest a bit.

You will have to wait at least eight weeks to donate blood again. That is, you can not make blood donation back three months ago.


To donate blood donation is expensive, and it is straightforward. Fortunately, it does benefit us instead of damaging our body.

That’s why you also keep donations and encourage your friends, loved ones who donate blood to donate blood.

If you have any doubts about the blood donation process in your mind, then you can consult your nearest blood bank or any doctor.