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7 false Rumors Related to Mobile



7 false rumors related to mobile

A lot of rumours have to be heard about your smartphone. There have been many rumours spread about mobile battery bursts, cameras, earphones, and very few people know about it. Today we are telling you about the false news related to mobile. Let us know, seven false talks about mobile phones – False Rumor About Mobile Smartphone.

If you buy a smartphone then someone you must have told you should be careful about how to call the phone.

But 20% of that is real. More than half of what rumours about Mobile is rumoured, which most people consider being true.

Today we will tell you about these so that you can not get rid of this kind of rumour.

Mobile runoff relay

You may also consider many of these things as real. But this is not the case. We are telling you the truth, along with false words.

1. Rumour related to Mobile Charger

Many times you will have heard that the company that owns your mobile phone cannot use the charger. Otherwise, your phone may get spoiled.

But if you charge your mobile with another good company charger, then there will be no danger. To see you it is that your phone should get as much power as it meets the original charger.

2. Rumour related to Battery

You might have noticed that if a battery of a phone is damaged, then people buy the same company’s battery so that they go well on their mobile, that’s right.

But even if you use any other good company’s battery, your phone will work in the same way. Just do not have to take a fake battery.

3. Camera related rumour

In today’s time, the story is spreading most about this, as much as the megapixel camera in the mobile; its picture quality will be as good as it is.

Because the photo quality depends not only on megapixels but also the lens of your mobile camera, how well the lens is used in your phone.

If this was true, then the 40-megapixel smartphone camera is better than the iPhone’s seven-megapixel camera.

4. Battery charging related rumour

I have heard many times from the people, and you must have heard that if we charge our phones much more then the battery of our phone will get spoiled, but this thing is a lie about the new phone.

The charging of the previous phone was damaged when the battery was destroyed, but now there is such a feature in new mobiles, charging automatically turns off when the mobile battery is 100% charged.

5. India’s smartphone-related rumour

I have heard from many people that India Brand’s smartphone is not good. This thing is wrong because if you buy an Indian brand in less money, then you will have some problems at some time, it would have been cheap on every company’s mobile. Is.

If you spend as much money as you spend in the Oppo and vivo in the mobile brand of India brand, then you will find a lot of good and a lot of feature phones as India has been making a mobile for many years and it has been working with other mobile-related companies. There is quite a lot of experience.

6. Airphone related rumour

The use of air-phone for a long time is harmful. This is true, but the smartphone that is created in today’s time is made keeping in mind the health of the people.

In the past, this feature is that if you increase the voice, the phone will alert you how much noise will affect your health.

If you use cheap air phone, then it hurts your health. If you use a suitable company’s air phone, then it does not have much impact on your health and you are protected by 90% of those.

7. Mobile Useful Rumor

There are many problems related to health problems, but many people say that if your mobile gets spoiled due to mobile usage, it is wrong.

Now the company looks at the interest of the people in the form of mobile, which does not harm the phone even if it is used more and approximately 90% of the new smartphone is pre-installed on the mobile cooling system, which does not lead to portable heat.


The people and the company have spread all these misunderstandings, the company has a lot of benefits, but it is essential that you know about these misunderstandings. This is why this article was written today.

The purpose of writing this article was just that you are related to mobile, which can avoid false rumours. We hope you find the information that we told you well.